Dearest House Concert Friends -

After almost 12 years of hosting Memphis House Concerts, your hosts have decided to take sabbatical of unknown length.  That's not to say we won't host again. It's just for the foreseeable future we won't be scheduling any more shows.   We've loved every minute of the time invested in hosting our series and are very thankful for the dozens, if not hundreds, of friendships we have made over the years.  Hopefully, this down time will give us a chance to edit some of the great recordings of shows we've made over the years and get those out to you.

Not to leave our loyal patrons hanging, we are handing the baton over to the Folk All Y'all (FAY) series.  We be will helping FAY a little with booking but mostly with sound and other logistics.  FAY is bringing in some great artists.  We hope you will give them a look and see what the folk is going on.   www.folkallyall.com

Thank you for 11 wonderful years. 

We will leave you with something from one our favorite songwriters: 

"The only thing that's keeping me from staying here is leaving 
The only thing that saves me from it all is I'll be gone 
And just when I could trust in all the things that I believe in 
I had to pack it up and move along and I'll tell you boys I'm not the only one."

- Jeff Black, Carnival Song

Peace & Love to you all,

Jimbo & Susan



Yes we are a house concert in a PRIVATE RESIDENCE. These parties are NOT A BUSINESS nor a BUSINESS RELATED ACTIVITY. Officially, attendence is FREE although voluntary contributions (suggested donation) are accepted at the party on behalf of the artists. 100% of all contributions go directly to the performers. These parties are "by invitation only."