So what does it take to put on a house concert?

Two things: 
1) A House (barn, deck, boat, etc.)
2) A patient and loving spouse/partner/roommate.

Seriously that's it.   Every single house concert is unique.  We tend to go overboard because...well mostly because I think if something is worth doing then it's worth over doing!!

House concerts can:

  • be inside or outside
  • be large (50+ people) or small (10 people)
  • be amplified or all acoustic
  • have a stage or not
  • have stage lighting or just a piano light
  • be local artists or national artists
  • be a planned series or an impromptu gathering of your friends and neighbors
  • have food and liquor or not

So you see, a house concerts can be anything you want it to be as long as you have live music and a place to present it.

The easiest way to get started is to find a local singer-songwriter type or an artist you are familiar with and have them play in the living room for ten or so of your friends.  At intermission, you can then pass the hat for a collection for the artist.  See there's nothing to it.

If you are a singer-songwriter yourself and are looking to book a tour, see if you can find a fan along the way who would be willing to host a few friends over.  Beats playing to 2 people who aren't listening at a smokey bar!!

Below are some links that helped us when we got started:

Good luck and send us a message if we can be of any assistance.